Thursday, 26 March 2009


Both John and I are doing a spot of digiscoping – they are the photos you will see on the blog. Hywell has a proper DSLR Canon camera set-up, but we are unable to send the pics out from Syria (technology). By the end of the trip Graham might have figured out how to switch his on!

White cheeked Bulbul outside of the Ziad hotel in Der er Zor

Digiscoping involves attaching a normal ‘family’ digital camera to your telescope. As we both have Swarovski scopes the results have been excellent. Any poor pics will be down to us or the heat/dust haze. The optical gear we use is top notch, and combined with the bright light gives good results. We are both using Swarovski HD scopes with zoom lenses. My camera is a Sony W300, while John in using a Panasonic Lumix.

White-tailed Plover

I have been digiscoping for years, with various set-ups. The first images I really remember taking were of an American Robin that was at Inverbervie, south of Aberdeen on Christmas Day 1988. In those days it was a Kodak Brownie held against a Napoleon naval draw tube scope. How times have changed. John is just starting up digiscoping but it picking it up fast.

Spanish Sparrow

Steppe Buzzard

Hoopoe Lark