Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sand, Sand, and a wee bit of dust

Another day in the field, another sand storm. We had to halt he vehicle at times as the visibility was so poor you couldn’t see what was coming towards you. One donkey on the road looked it had already bit the dust (no pun – honest).

Driving in a sandstorm

Checked a site where Dutch visitors and local hunters had reported birds. We found none in the area – well none alive, but remnants of Sociable Lapwings and hunters camps were strewn around.

Sociable lapwing remains

A large mixed lark flock was also present with 1200 or so birds. Mainly Skylark, but also a good smattering of Short-toeds and at least a couple of Lesser Short toe’s. Star turn though went to the dozen Bimaculated Larks – a chunky species typical of arid steppe habitat.

Bimaulated larks