Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Heading for the hills

When you read this John Wills and Graham Rebecca will be back in the UK. Thanks guys for a great trip. Myself and Hywell Maggs are staying out to work on another conservation project for the Global Environmental Fund (a UN project), all about Biodiversity in Protected Areas in association with the Syrian Government again.

A week in Jebel Abdul Aziz (a remote mountain range about 40km SE of al-Hasake) is then followed by a week in the NW near the Turkish border and the city of Latakiya. Both are labelled forestry projects and it is a new team of Syrians we’re are working with and training. Back to basics, but hopefully logistics might be a tadge easier this time in the north east.

Quick initial thanks

Just a quick thanks to all for the help with the Sociable Lapwing Project. Primarily Rob Sheldon for being patient, when we often weren’t, and being bombarded with queries in previous months and pulling it together for us (beer is due), and all the other UK RSPB staff (especially GC and Eilidh the other day when it hit the fan). Special mention to Richard Porter and Tony Marr for helping out with contacts in the early days.

In Syria special thanks to SSCW (especially Akram Darwish, Osama Al-Nouri, Roula and Sala) and Mohammed 1, Yassen, Hussein, Ibrahim, Mahmood, all the drivers, Ahmed in Deir er Zor, and Sharif at Birdlife Middle East in Jordan. I have probably missed some folk, so apologies.