Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Jebel birds

Isabelline Wheatears are everywhere, Egyptian Vultures daily and Lesser Kestrels at every turn. Short toed Eagles are crusing about and the gorges are smattered with Pied, Black eared and Finsch’s Wheatears. Hoopoes flush up from every wadi and larks abound in the plains. Corn bunting ‘sip’ in flocks and Redstarts flit from tree to tree. Nice place.

Isabelline wheatear

Egyptian vulture roosting on a pylon

Egyptian Vulture over the Jebel

Lesser Kestrel (female)

Finschs wheatear (male)


Highlights have been Rock and See-see Partridge, Pin tailed Sandgrouse, Semi Collared Flycatcher, Scops Owl (sp), several Red tailed Wheatears. Reintroduced Common Gazelle are about too.

Common Gazelle